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Catalina’s life is one for the books.

As an infant, she was severely burned by a babysitter. At two years old, she was rescued by a police search team on Halloween night, alone and scared and freezing in the mountains. Kidnapped at four years old, she was moved to another state, given a boy’s haircut, and told that her mother never tried to find her.

By the time she boarded the big yellow school bus for her first day of kindergarten, Catalina had survived more adventures than most people have in a lifetime.

For the next fifty years, the unbelievable and the unlikely seemed to be her constant companions, although not always in a negative way. Her series, Based on a True Story, is a compilation of these experiences.

When she is not recording the episodes of her life and those whose lives touch hers, Catalina enjoys the Chicago suburbs with her husband of over 25 years and their two sons.

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